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Space Power Technologies Inc.

Space Power Technologies Inc.

We achieve true wirelessness through microwave wireless power transfer. While IoT and mobile devices communicate wirelessly, they still require chargers and battery replacements. Our core business is delivering wireless power supply units through B2B, and we work with leading companies in various sectors to make their products fully wireless. In the first phase, we are developing wireless power transfer units that comply with the existing 5.7GHz band regulations to provide power in areas where power is not available and then to improve handling of devices that require frequent battery replacement/recharging, or multiple cables. For example, we are working on implementing wireless power supplies for displays for industry use, sensors, and other devices used in warehouses and factories. In the second phase, we are aiming to expand our power supply solutions for mobile and other devices in offices. To achieve this goal, we are developing 24 GHz wireless power supply systems with improved safety and power transmission efficiency as well as are proposing regulatory revisions. In addition, with support of public institutions, we plan to establish relationships with overseas partners and expand our business globally.
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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • China
  • East Asia (excluding China)


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SDGs we are working on
7.Affordable and clean energy 8.Decent work and economic growth 9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure 11.Sustainable cities and communities

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Our wireless power supply system is an innovative method for delivering power from a transmitter to a receiver over a distance via radio waves, which eliminates the need for direct contact between transmitters and receivers, different from electromagnetic induction systems. Our proprietary technology with 5.7 GHz band complies with new Japan's wireless power transfer regulations and can safely and efficiently delivers power to devices up to 10 meters away, enabling smart factories without wiring or battery replacements. This increases the flexibility of sensor installation and improves production efficiency through the analysis of collected data. In addition, the 24 GHz band system under development will achieve true wirelessness for mobile devices in the offices thanks to our improved human safety features and higher efficiency beam power transfer capability. As recent updates, we have started a joint study project with JAXA on wireless power supply to lunar exploration rovers.

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