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TSK Corporation

TSK Corporation

We are changing the chemistry of the future with our iron-catalyzed synthesis technology. Iron catalysts are used in the production of various chemical products as substitutes for catalysts that are problematic in terms of long-term use and environmental impact, such as rare metal catalysts. Some products are only possible with iron catalysts. We will use this technology in the development of OLEDs, biostimulants, all-solid-state batteries, pharmaceuticals, and other products to meet your diverse needs. We are Japanese samurai seeking global expansion with our iron catalysts.
Area of Interest
  • North America
  • China
  • East Asia (excluding China)


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SDGs we are working on
9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure 12.Responsible consumption, production 14.Life below water 15.Life on land

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We are the world’s first R&D-focused manufacturer from Japan with a unique organic synthesis technology using iron as a catalyst.
Due to the difficulty of controlling the reactions, the use of iron catalysts has been limited to laboratories and development has been slow. Since 2000, it has become possible to control the spin state of electrons in iron catalysts, allowing C-N coupling and C-H amination without the use of special ligands. Our research has made iron-catalyzed reactions a controllable technology, and we are close to commercialization.
We are currently prioritizing the development of materials for OLEDs. We have succeeded in synthesizing the existing functional materials using iron catalysts as a substitute for rare metal catalysts, and we have also succeeded in synthesizing new materials that are only possible with iron catalysts. We are currently developing each of these materials.